Month: April 2021

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind?

Some will alert you if severe weather is heading your direction. Look for NOAA weather alerts if you want to be notified without having to continuously monitor them. So I went out and purchased both a lightly used razor 1-6 E and the Kahles K16i with the SM1 reticle.

I wanted to compare them both side to side and make my decision that way. The razor is a great optic no doubt. High quality glass, good field of view, certainly more like a red dot if that’s what you’re looking for. Super bright illumination and a better illumination dial in my opinion.

So the Kahles is just in a league of its own optically.

And still built like a tank. Could certainly withstand more abuse. So the Kahles is just in a league of its own optically. Great glass and it super light. It is true what people say the razor is about 90% optically of the Kahles. But that 10% just makes for such a better image in my opinion.

If you watch garand thumbs video he makes a great point about flatness of the image that’s where the Kahles really shines over the vortex. On 1x the Kahles has a huge field of view and a totally flat image. It’s like looking through a perfectly clear piece of glass.

On the razor, even with the diopter set perfectly as I could get the image was still just not as flat as the Kahles which is so important for that speed on 1x. Because of this I ended up keeping the Kahles and selling the razor.

And it promises to be quick and easy thanks to the pre-drilled mounting holes. However, you also have the option of simply placing this gun safe on a shelf if you prefer. Out of sight, out of mind? You will be able to leave this model in plain sight, safe in the knowledge that it cannot be broken into.

This is ensured by the special Alarm-U security alarm that is built into the design. If an intruder makes three incorrect attempts, a loud and piercing alarm will sound. The interior of the gun safe is set with a shelf in the middle to accommodate up to two guns.

Of course, you can also use this model to store other items such as your passport and jewelry. However, if your gun is especially large and bulky, you may find that it is a rather tight fit. Alarm-U security alarm. Digital key lock. Can be opened electronically or manually.

Comes fully assembled. Quick and easy to install. May be too small for larger guns. 2 GunVault Speedvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500 – Best Compact Biometric Small Gun SafeThe last thing you want is for the wrong person to be able to open your gun safe.

Traditional models tend to be set with a lock and key. This means that your safe is accessible to anyone who is able to track down the key. Best finger forward…This will not be an issue if you choose the GunVault Speedvault Biometric Biometric Pistol Safe SVB500.

This model is set with a special Biometric fingerprint scanner. Simply place your finger on the fingerplate, and your gun safe will unlock almost instantly. This extra security measure means that you will be able to keep your gun safe close to hand. There will be no fear of young children accidentally opening it up or intruders gaining access.